Automated Service
Vehicles (ASV) for
Tunneling Logistics

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Autonomous innovation on virtual rail.

The fully electrically powered, rubber-tyred vehicles use the most modern control sensors to manage the routes for supplying the underground construction sites exactly on track without mechanical guidance.

The vision of our VirtuRail ASV is driverless. We have developed a complex sensor and control system for this purpose. Testing of this system is presently ongoing. We are convinced that we will be able to use driverless ASV on your construction sites in the near future.

100% on track

Sensor technology combined with innovative control guarantees absolute on track travel. Space requirements are kept to a minimum.

Low-emission thanks to E-Drive

Fully electric drive reducing emissions in the form of noise and eliminating exhaust gases.

Safety through automation

Thanks to driverless operation, there are less people on the construction site.

Flexibility without rails

Thanks to the rubber tires, our ASV can be used flexibly and allowing the use of standard vehicles.

Expertise meets Innovation.

VirtuRail’s corporate philosophy is based on advanced technologies and the courage to break new ground.

April 2024

Member of Subspace Energy

We are now part of Subspace Energyhub. Together with other companies, we are researching safety topics and electrification around our ASV in tunnel construction.

November 2023

Visit VirtuRail at STUVA

We are exhibiting at STUVA expo and conference 8-9 November in Munich. We are looking forward to your visit at VirtuRail booth A147.

September 2023

VirtuRail ASV with new functionality

At the Kerenzerbergtunnel our ASV are equipped with a new functionality. The ASV support the tunnel lining with transport and positioning of the WELK elements.

ASV single car use

The ASV is extremely flexible. The construction site demands lead the functionality. The ASV can be used loading different material and operated via remote control.

Virturail ASV Einzelfahrzeug
ASV C160 - Einzelfahrzeug

ASV train configuration

Efficient TBM supply using VirtuRail ASV in train configuration. The modern bi-directional cabin ensures perfect overview to the driver in both driving directions. No need for additional cabin on TBM side. The driver can operate in a flexible manner from one position.

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Merging Expertise from Tunneling – Experts and Automation.

VirtuRail is a daughter company of tunnelling expert Jäger Bau GmbH and automation company MineTronics. We break ground new ways for site logistics using automated service vehicles (ASV).

VirtuRail Team
VirtuRail Team
VirtuRail Team
Versorgung Tunnelbohrmaschine im Tunnel

Your Career at VirtuRail

Presently the VirtuRail ASV system is tested on several places. In near future the autonomous ASV will become reality on a construction site in the area. To realize our vision we look forward to enlarge our team.